Baltimore’s True Sausage Master

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The name “Sausage Master” is, at once, a bold claim and highly informative. What do they sell? Sausage. Is it good? Yeah, it’s good. Made by the master himself. It’s a name that wasn’t chosen by the current ownership, but it seems to fit nonetheless. Steve Cho’s parents bought Sausage Master in 1986. They ran it for many years, at its location right inside Lexington Market’s main entrance. Their son Steve grew up in and around the Sausage Master location, watching his parents source and prepare sausages made in Baltimore and other regional sources. Gradually, he grew to take over the business himself, and runs it on his own today.


Sausage Master prepares sausages from a variety of traditions around the world: Italian, American, German, Polish, etc. Their most popular sausage is Kielbasa, which they go through by the hundred every day. There’s something simple and immensely satisfying about a sausage. It’s everything you need to be full and happy, in a casing that makes it highly portable. In many ways, it’s the perfect food, and the simple goodness of the sausage seems to have rubbed off on Steve’s state of mind and attitude toward life. “I know everybody in here. I basically come to work and …talk. I know everybody. Most of my business is regulars.”


Asked how he sees the upcoming changes and renovations slated for Lexington Market, Steve  replies, “It’s changed a lot. I grew up in the here. I’ve been here so long. But change is good. New management has brought a lot of enthusiasm to the market, the vibe. You see all the extra work they do behind the scenes, cleaning on Sundays. It speaks really well to the vendors.” Steve isn’t going anywhere. And Lexington Market is glad of that. Through the simple act of providing great sausage to tube-food enthusiasts like myself, as well as being a source of friendly conversation, Steve makes Lexington Market a great place to spend some of your life. So I urge you, visit the Sausage Master. Learn his ways. Sample his victuals. You’ll be glad you did.