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Parking & transit

Garage Parking

Park in our West Market Garage for easy access to Lexington Market. Entrances are available off of Paca St. and Greene St.

24 Hours a Day, every day.

Up to 1 hour of parking costs $5.

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Sausage Master

Stall 36
Upper Market

mon - sat 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Owned and operated by Lexington Market mainstay Steve Cho, Sausage Master serves up hot and fast cheap eats, from hot dogs and sausages to classic Baltimore snoballs. Established in 1986, Sausage Master has been serving the City of Baltimore for over 35 years, cementing the business as one of Lexington's go-to lunch and dinner vendors.

Owner: Steve Cho


Stall Map 36