Become A Vendor

Stalls currently available in the Market are for FOOD. The Market, since 1952, has been housed in two brick buildings. Food stalls are available in both buildings. Non-food carts and non-food outside mini-lots are also featured in the Market. If you are interested in non-food items, please ask for the cart and mini-lot information sheets. Some exceptions apply.

Lexington Market’s 120+ merchants cover a variety of menus and product lines. We are interested in menus that are unrepresented or under served for the remaining available spaces. If your menu fills a CATEGORY that the Market does not now have, we would be interested in seeing your proposal.

Interested entrepreneurs:
Please call 410-685-6169, email us at, or by using the form on our contact page.

Purchase An Existing Business

Here are some steps to take if your are interested in purchasing an existing business at Lexington Market.

  • First, meet with the owner of that business to find out if he/she wants to sell.
  • Second, have the owner of the business make an appointment with Market management to meet you and hear your proposal.
  • Third, if all parties agree, follow the directions of Market management about next steps.

Interested entrepreneurs please call 410-685-6169 or email us using the contact form or at

Download a business application to get started.

Business Application

Start A New Business

Here are some steps to think about and figure out before considering starting a new business at Lexington Market.

Describe your Business

Be prepared to describe your business in terms of its products and target customers. Be as detailed as necessary (proposed menu or list of products in one category) to make it clear how your business is different from any other in the Market. Remember, the Market is a “diverse marketplace”. Accordingly, our offerings to the public should be diverse, as well. On the other hand, you need to know your customers.

  • Who will buy your products?
  • Are there enough customers in the area to support your business?
  • What do your customers need or want? How do you know?
  • How much are they willing or able to pay? How do you know?
  • Is the demand for your product likely to increase or decrease in the near future?
  • How many customers a month do you need to succeed?
  • Will your menu or products have a year-round appeal?

Location, Location, Location!

You know the rule of retail. At Lexington Market, you should choose one or two locations from those available. This will help Market management understand more about your plans. It will also help us determine the square footage to attach to your proposed business.

Understand the Economics

Base rent for stalls is developed on:

  • The basis of the category of product items: Staples (fresh meat, fish,poultry and produce); Specialty foods (baked goods, candy, ice cream, peanuts, etc.) and Prepared foods.
  • Square footage (ranging from 180 square feet to 400 square feet.
  • Location within the Market relative to foot traffic, visibility, other businesses. Other monthly expenses include electric, water, liability insurance, promotion, distributed costs for steam, air conditioning and common area maintenance. Stall remodeling may cost several thousand dollars. Exhaust systems,  required for prepared food, are estimated at $20,000 to $30,000. Is this money available to you?

Understand Your Operation

The Market requires you to be open during regular Market hours: Monday – Saturday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

  • Will you have people available to open and close on time, cover time off, do maintenance and cleaning?
  • Will you need storage space? The Market has a limited supply of storage space, attached to specific stalls.
  • Do you know who your suppliers of inventory may be? Do you know the costs of your start-up inventory?
  • What equipment will you need? Can you afford the cost of all the equipment?  Most of the time, the Market only leases the space to you. No equipment is included.

Once you have thought through these things, you have a good basis for a plan to present to Lexington Market, Inc., the landlord of the Market.

Interested entrepreneurs please call 410-685-6169 or email us using the contact form or at

Download a business application to get started.

Business Application